Future Starts Today

Investment in human and knowledge capital is the way to create the future that upcoming generations deserve, and the most appropriate tools for this investment are innovation, creative thinking, and equitable empowerment of all social groups, through the use of modern technologies, foreseeing the future, and creating sustainable opportunities.

About Us

Broccoli, is a non-profit organization, based in very innovative young community of Jordan. With a vision to see the community of Jordan living with dignity, purpose and hope, Broccoli creates opportunities for holistic development through three key areas: capacity Building, Innovation and Social partnership, we are looking to the future as new chances and opportunities to make this glob better place to live in.

Broccoli is a qualitative model organization that leads economic and social change in Jordan and the region through direct investment in developing of human and knowledge capital, and empowering our youth, creating feasible sustainable opportunities.

Providing real platforms and opportunities for young men and women that enable them to unleash their creativity and contribute effectively to creating the future they love, by investing their abilities and providing them with modern technologies.

who are we

Broccoli is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, established in 2021 in Jordan. It works hard and professionally to invest knowledge and technology to enable young men and girls to truly contribute to creating the future they love.

What We Do

We run core projects that work to promote Education, Skills Development and Enterprise in Jordan. Our current projects are Jo-Future technology accelerator, Jo-Kids for Future, and Entrepreneurship manufactory.

How We Do It

For our work to be sustainable for years to come, forming deep and lasting relationships with community members is essential. Which is why everything we do in the community is through relationship with individuals and other like-minded organizations and partners.

Our Success Partners

Jo-Future technology accelerator

The project aims to rebuild the capabilities of 500 IT graduates in a number of modern technologies such as:
Artificial intelligence
Machine learning
Big data
Cyber security
3D printing
Virtual Reality
The Internet of things
Drone applications


Highly Motivated Team with Sense of Humour

We are a distinguished team of inspiring leaders who look to success as the only alternative to the end of the road, we like what we do and we do it with professionalism and love.